Alton Beer Festival

Drinking for local Charities since 2002

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3-4 June 2016

With Beer, Cider, Wine, Food and Live music come along for a fabulous evening out among people who love a great time whilst raising money for local charities.  Don’t forget to fill in your voting slip to vote for your favourite beer/cider of the festival.



19:00 - 23:00


Lunch Time

11:00 - 15:00


19:00 - 23:00

With a good range of real ale to suit all palates and styles including vegetarians, vegans and a unique gluten free real ale from BrewDog.  Try pulling your own on our hand pumps and if you are not sure what to drink whilst enjoying the music and food ASK.

Alton Beer Festivals celebrate the cultural heritage of Alton as a traditional area for brewing, based on the clear waters rising from the source of the river Wey, and locally grown hops.

The events are for those that appreciate real ale, real music, and the company of real people. They are run by volunteers in support of local charities.